VRtuous Site Tour FAQ

How do I get a VRtuous Site Tour for my company?

Creating Virtual Site Tours is what we do best. Once you decide to proceed here’s how it goes: 

  1. Meet or conference call to discuss you project’s needs
  2. We Create Site Tour Outline for you
  3. Set travel dates to your project (if required) 
  4. You send us any required files (Corporate Presentations, images, models, etc.)
  5. We put it all together and send you a draft
  6. You approve the draft
  7. We send you an iFrame to embed on your website, or virtually any website. 
My VRtuous Site Tour is outdated, what do I do?

Send us the new files or info and we’ll update it right away. Usually within a few hours and no more than 24 hours.

Can we shoot our own 360 video or photography?

Absolutely! We’ll send you and your photographer/videographer some notes about how best to shoot for a VR Tour then you deliver the files when ready. 

How long does it take to build a VRtuous Site Tour?
Once the 360 photos have been processed, about 2 weeks.
How long will you need at our project?
That depends on a few factors: How large is the project and how many panos do we need to shoot? Also, if we are shooting other video or photography on site, we may need a little longer. Usually no more than 2 – 3 days, tops.
Are your drone pilots licenced?
Do you carry liability Insurance?
Yes. $1,000,000
I’d like to pick my own fonts and colours for my tour, is that ok?
Of course. Your brand is our brand. It’s all about your brand.
I’d rather have a 360 video than a 360 VR tour. Doable?
Sure! Video has completely different ramifications, but we love 360 video, too. The main differences: 360 videos are like traditional videos in that they are a fixed length and have a narrative arc. VRtuous Site Tours are “self-guided” and exploratory in nature, requiring the user to jump from hotspot to hotspot, learning as they go.
What can I add to my VR Site Tour?
Just about anything. If it’s a digital file we can probably add it. That includes photos, charts, PDFs, sounds, video clips (2D or 360), 3D models, text titles, and a whole lot more.

VRtuous 3D Model and Tour FAQ

I’d like to be able to choose my own font and colours. Doable?
Of course. Your brand is our brand. It’s all about your brand.
My some of my data has changed. What should I do?
Depending on your orginal agreement we’ll either update it piecemeal or it will be included in your original plan. Either way, send us the updates and we’ll have that ready for you in under 24 hours in most cases.
How do I put the model on my website?
Once the model is ready we’ll send you an iFrame and your webmaster can embed that anywhere you like. Or if you prefer, we can host it on our site and you can link to us.
How do I make a tour out of my models?
Send us the press release or other documents with the key points highlighted and we’ll do the rest.
Can our CEO, CTO, COO, etc do the voice over for our Audio Guided Tour?
Yes, we have a portable voice over studio that we’ll bring to you. First we’ll create a script and once you approve that we’ll do the rest.
My company has a mineral exploration project. Can you use our CSV data at different cut offs?
Yes. Just send us the collar, assay and survey sheets and let us know your desired cut off grades.